The Morris Project

Here’s what you need to know about The Morris Project: 

-We are a design studio who believes in the relentless pursuit of the client’s vision. The Morris Project is New York based with clients across the country and Europe.

-Our team is led by Amy Morris, former co- founder & creative director of The MP Shift, and winner of the prestigious James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design in 2018.

-We have developed a creative process that excels across both graphics & interiors, as versatile as Meryl Streep, precise as Harvard Law.

-This is collaborative stuff – we love what we do and want our clients to enjoy the experience equally. 

-We believe it our duty to initiate ideas that instigate social change – every step forward counts.

The Morris Project exists to do great work – if we can’t be innovative, passionate, inspired, if we can’t rock somebody’s world somewhere we’ll shut up shop quicker than you can say “Peg Board.” – When you sign with us you can expect:

-Mind Blowing Creative

-Tireless Research

-Channeled Emotion

-Off-the-Charts Commitment

-Freethinking, and a Cross-Pollination of Ideas

-Access to Amy’s Only Joke