Francesca Chaney, the 23-year-old wunderkind behind Brooklyn’s Sol Sips, asked us to work on a branding concept called First Sunday, an experimental dining venue combining the flavors of Francesca’s heritage with a flare for contemporary vegan cooking. Francesca's aim was to bring diversity to a space entrenched far too long in privilege, by modernizing how people view dining at vegan restaurants.

The creative direction was inspired by African Mysticism, a strong reference for Francesca, and her aim to create a mindful home within her community. We were inspired by the movement of water and mermaid scales, while avoiding any obvious references. The name First Sunday connects to the beginning of the church year, a day bringing hope and renewal. Tying in with this theme, we designed menus in the style of old-school church fans.

Unfortunately, Covid scuttled Jessica’s plans for First Sunday, and the restaurant remains on hold.

“Working with The Morris Project was like having a partner in the business, they go above and beyond the brief.”
Francesca Chaney
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