When tackling the branding for Strange Bird Hospitality, we wanted to capture the color, the vivacity, the Joie de vivre of owner Natalie Freihon. The flourishing restaurant group, that includes The Orchard Townhouse, The Fat Radish Savannah, and new West Village favorite Nats on Bank, offer sanctuary, places that allows guests to shut out the noise, switch off, and be indulged without pretense.

Inspired by the quirky name and founder, we wanted to find a way to literally bring strange birds to life, then layer with hospitality messages. We found a 1960s Japanese Whiskey campaign that felt spot on, and fashioned our own take.

“They are amazing! It was an absolute pleasure

It took one meeting with The Morris Project to know the company was right for me. Amy has incredible warmth and understood the inside of my brain immediately. I couldn’t be more impressed from the first draft of the branding package. I actually, for real, cried with joy on our first presentation.”

- Natalie Freihon , CEO of Strange Bird Hospitality

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