Creative direction

Amy Morris works with creative teams to instigate ideation, guide the team & design intent and ensure the visuals have a connection to their customers. Amy has 20 plus years leading creative teams.

"Amy was able to interpret the vision for the building and for The Market at 22 Bishopsgate, into a design that hits all the right notes for our time.  Her experience as a leading designer in hospitality meant she understood how to create an inspired environment where the community can thrive."

Sir Stuart Lipton [London]

"It took one meeting with The Morris Project to know the company was right for me.  Amy has incredible warmth and understood the inside of my brain immediately.  I couldn’t be more impressed from the first draft of the branding package. I actually, for real, cried with joy on our first presentation.

They are amazing!  It was such an absolute pleasure."

Natalie Freihon
CEO of Strange Bird Hospitality [NYC]

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