TwentyTwo Bishopsgate is the first wellness building in London and only the second in the world. The Morris Project partnered with DesignLSM to design the 2nd floor Market - a 20,000 sq.ft space that includes a restaurant and adjoining terrace, a wine bar and food hall.

The result was a warm, considered aesthetic that captures the spirit of a modern day guild. Creating an inspiring landscape for the 22 Bishopsgate community that invites collaboration and sparks ideas. A place also to unwind, dine, relax and socialize.

“We were lucky to be introduced to Amy at a key time setting our vision and purpose for a new 20,000 sqft food market and community space at 22 Bishopsgate. Amy has been relentless with her curiosity, her design inspiration, her global connections and her love of creating special and social community spaces. Amy helped us not only deliver the project, but also to keep us connected and alive to new ideas and trends”
- Harry Badham, Chief Development Officer at Hammerson

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