Nominated as a finalist by Driven X Design graphic design awards for Isabela

Winner - Outstanding Restaurant Design

“When it comes to designing restaurants, cafes, co-working spaces and weed dispensaries - Amy Morris is one of the most respected names in the industry

“The space itself is somehow salubrious, as if solely by being here you are improving your life.”

“In what seems like no time at all, they gotten their hands into some of the most charming spaces in NYC and beyond.”

Gold Winner for New York Design Awards for Graphic Design for AMA Restaurant.

“They have a new model for imagining & developing hospitality space. Doing it all is what makes The MP Shift unique and worth paying attention to.”

“Few restaurants sum up the brighter, lighter restaurant-design trajectory as strongly as Tilda.”

“The excitement of the participating chefs at getting to work with their admired friends [at Google Translate] was palpable.”

"If De Maria was the restaurant-as-artist's retreat, Temperance is a wine bar through the looking glass...a space as conducive to date nights as pregaming."

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